Mud It or Shut It

Sunday, May 28, 2017 12:00 PM
1609 Hwy 87
Crystal Beach, TX

Event Summary:
2.5 miles of mud and obstacles to find out who is a Rhinestone Mudboy or a Mudder Trucker
Event Details:
You asked for it... Now you're gonna get it.
It's time to smoke out the posers and see who really bought that 4x4 for its intended purpose!
Are you a Rhinstone Mudboy or serious Mudder Trucker? We'll find out at the first annual "Mud it or Shut it" obstacle course mud ride Sunday May 28th, 2017 at Texas Frog Festival.
Bring your toughest 4x4 (not four wheelers) and be prepared to take on the 2.5 mile course with several categories to show your stuff.
"Mudslinger" (Best time through course)
"I can do that" (Get through the course without hitting anything)
"Call my mudder" (I'm stuck and need a ride home)
"Mr. Clean" (Get through assault course with the cleanest rig)
- All vehicles and drivers must be registered and paid prior to event.
- No more than 2 people inside the vehicle while on course
- Driver must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
- Drivers MUST be 18 or older and posses a valid drivers license
- Driver and co-mudder must wear the safety harness (seatbelts) provided by the vehicle factory... Additional safety equipment encouraged.
- Spectators are NOT allowed on course for ANY reason.
(Professional photos are being taken by a photographer who shoots NASCAR, NFL, MLB, NBA and Sports Illutrated).
Fee is $100
- You receive 2 General Admission tickets to TX Frog Fest concerts
- Commemorative windshield BIB
- Commemorative vinyl sticker
- Free wash down area (not a details shop)
- Special parking area if you choose to show off your mud buggy!

Event Tags:
Adventure Event, Trail

Map & Directions